Smart Banking

Paperless Banking

The organization has always recognized the need of the hour and has taken steps to ensure that our customers are always up to date with the world and ready for the coming modern revolution. Account holders are provided NEFT / RTGS / IMPS facility, DD, check clearance facility, remittance and acceptance facility anywhere in India. Further facilities are provided for the benefit of more and more account holders of modern banking.

Mobile Banking

Venkatesh Multistate Mobile Banking is facilitating to make customer transactions faster and cashless. This allows the customer to make payments, pay bills, check account balances etc. from their mobile phone. Can do things. This mobile app is very easy to use and can talk to the customers by contacting the toll free number of the organization for any problem.

Internet Banking

Nowadays it is difficult for anyone to spend a day without internet, internet is an important factor in his daily work along with entertainment. Many of our customers are employed and they are not able to come to the organization for small and big work, for them the internet banking facility of Venkatesh Multistate is important. With this, the customer can easily do all kinds of work from home or office according to his schedule.

SMS Banking

If the customer does not have a smart phone or internet then MISS CALL banking is useful. You can check your account balance by simply calling 7755905555.

Aadhar Banking

Aadhaar Banking is the simplest and most secure Aadhaar affiliate payment facility. You want to pay the shopkeeper, deposit or withdraw money in your bank account, light bill, phone bill etc. With the help of your thumb you can do all kinds of financial transactions. All you have to do is put your thumb on the shopkeeper's AEPS machine, select your Aadhaar affiliate bank and deposit the amount in the machine, the amount will be credited to the shopkeeper's account immediately.